New Pallets/Skids

Facility photo of Viking Turbo 505 making pallets.

Badger Custom Pallet employs two state-of-the-art Viking Turbo 505 tandem pallet nailing machines capable of producing up 24,000 custom units per week.  The versatility of these machines allows us provide a consistently high quality product for our customers.  These machines come with the ability to stencil or brand pallets with customers’ names, part numbers, or logos.

Close up of Viking TurboPhoto of a guy making pallets with a nail gun.

Champion and Pallet Chief automated nailing machines are available for backup production and low volume or remanufactured pallets.

Hand-nailed pallets are available for customers’ specifications that require precision manufacturing of custom shipping platforms that otherwise couldn’t be produced on our automated machines.  There isn’t a pallet we can’t make for you!

“Working with Badger Custom Pallet has been incredible.  Their team has worked closely with us to provide significant cost savings.  We have also been able to drastically reduce our inventory levels with their stocking capabilities. 

They have done an incredible job earning our business and exceeding all of our needs. We would highly recommend Badger Custom Pallet to anyone looking for wood packaging professionals that will work with you to reduce your packaging costs.”

– Karavan Trailers Inc.