Reconditioned and Recycled Pallets/Skids

Photograph of pallets being turned into mulch by a wood chipper.

We work with all of our customers on an environmentally friendly wood waste disposal program.  All used/broken pallets are returned to our facility to be sorted, repaired, and/or dismantled.  Broken and unsalvageable pallets are turned into mulch, boiler fuel, and animal bedding.

This program allows us to offer our customers:

  • Recovery, repair, and return service- returning your damaged pallets at significant cost savings
  •  Reconditioned grade A’s/#1 and B’s/#2
  • Custom size re-manufactured pallets
  • Custom size combo pallets
“We utilize Badger Custom Pallet as our new and reconditioned pallet supplier.  Whether we need a large run of pallets or a few specialty pallets to meet our customers’ needs, the product is always delivered on-time, manufactured to our specifications, and is of the top quality.  Excellent supplier!”

– EVCO Plastics